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Erasing Hell is Actually a Decent Book

Today I received my copy of Erasing Hell, coauthored by Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle. I was more than a little annoyed by Chan’s teaser video, so my expectations were admittedly low. I’m happy to say that the book isn’t … Continue reading

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Glenn Peoples Puts Traditionalist Scholarship on Blast

Glenn Peoples, one of the most able contemporary critics of traditionalism, has posted a lengthy open letter delineating the current state—and major failings—of traditionalist scholarship. Here’s just one gem that I think will ring true for any serious conditionalist: From … Continue reading

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Has Christopher Morgan Read Isaiah 66:24?

On June 5, Christopher Morgan was a guest on the Stand to Reason radio show, hosted by Greg Koukl. In case you’re not in the know, Morgan is among the most vocal contemporary defenders of traditionalism, and is often consulted … Continue reading

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Third Edition of The Fire That Consumes Now Available

In addition to an explosion of blog activity, recent months have seen a spate of hastily published books, written in response to Rob Bell’s Love Wins. For instance, here, here, and here—and who said evangelicals tend to overreact? In the … Continue reading

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