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Yes, Fire and Darkness Can Coexist

In the conclusion of my most recent article (posted nearly four years ago!) I wrote the following: “I understand that many ‘traditionalists’ today soften the traditional view so much that penal suffering is minimized or denied altogether (which is another … Continue reading

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Randy Alcorn Takes John Stott Out of Context

Many traditionalists share the unfortunate habit of suspecting the motives of anyone who believes that Scripture teaches something other than everlasting torment. Most critical evaluations of conditionalism that I’ve read contain at least a comment or two probing the hidden … Continue reading

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Glenn Peoples Puts Traditionalist Scholarship on Blast

Glenn Peoples, one of the most able contemporary critics of traditionalism, has posted a lengthy open letter delineating the current state—and major failings—of traditionalist scholarship. Here’s just one gem that I think will ring true for any serious conditionalist: From … Continue reading

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Has Christopher Morgan Read Isaiah 66:24?

On June 5, Christopher Morgan was a guest on the Stand to Reason radio show, hosted by Greg Koukl. In case you’re not in the know, Morgan is among the most vocal contemporary defenders of traditionalism, and is often consulted … Continue reading

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R.C. Sproul on Hell: Wrong Five Times in Just Four Paragraphs

I recently ran across a blog entry entitled R.C. Sproul on Hell. The post is just an excerpt from one of Sproul’s books, prefaced by a comment that the selection is “a great treatment on the doctrine of Hell.” While I’m accustomed to shoddy … Continue reading

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Conditionalism and The Second Council of Constantinople

I can’t count the number of times I’ve read the claim that conditionalism was condemned as heresy at the Second Council of Constantinople. Most recently, I encountered the claim here. As usual, the assertion is not substantiated with an actual … Continue reading

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