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It’s often the case that traditionalists will object when their detractors use “torture” to describe the traditional view of final punishment. In Hell Under Fire, Christopher Morgan challenges Clark Pinnock on this point: “…notice [Pinnock’s] pejorative use of ‘torture’ rather … Continue reading

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Is “Traditionalism” a Pejorative?

Occasionally, some adherent to the traditional view of final punishment (viz. everlasting torment) will get up in arms over being called a “traditionalist.” Usually, the offender will be charged with poisoning the well and intentionally using “traditionalism” to illegitimately score … Continue reading

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A Brief Word on Terminology

A quick word on “conditionalism” vs “annihilationism” On this blog I will be using the terms synonymously to refer to the view that the impenitent will one day be completely destroyed.  I prefer conditionalism over annihilationism, if you couldn’t tell … Continue reading

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