Nature of Final Punishment Debate on Unbelievable? Radio Show

Friend and fellow conditionalist Chris Date, host of the Theopologetics podcast, recently appeared on the Unbelievable? radio show to debate Steve Jeffery on the nature of final punishment. Click here for the audio stream.

As is often the case, the format did not allow for in-depth examination of the salient arguments and texts. That said, it was a decent overview of some of the important issues and—perhaps more importantly—a model of irenic and charitable exchange over an area of disagreement between two Christians.

As an interesting aside, Steve Jeffery disclaims the nomenclature of “everlasting torment” and instead prefers “eternal conscious punishment” on the grounds that “torment sounds pointless” (to use his words). This is despite the fact that it’s the very language of torment as found in Revelation 14 and 20 that Steve finds so compelling.

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