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Yes, Fire and Darkness Can Coexist

In the conclusion of my most recent article (posted nearly four years ago!) I wrote the following: “I understand that many ‘traditionalists’ today soften the traditional view so much that penal suffering is minimized or denied altogether (which is another … Continue reading

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Glenn Peoples Puts Traditionalist Scholarship on Blast

Glenn Peoples, one of the most able contemporary critics of traditionalism, has posted a lengthy open letter delineating the current state—and major failings—of traditionalist scholarship. Here’s just one gem that I think will ring true for any serious conditionalist: From … Continue reading

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Jim Warner Wallace on Matthew 25:46

Jim Wallace, host of the Podcast, recently devoted a number of episodes to the doctrine of hell. Of special interest to me is his May 9 episode, particularly a lengthy portion (from around 28:00 to 54:00) where he discusses conditionalism … Continue reading

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